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We deliver innovative IT Hardware and Services that make your company great.  Assist with network hardware and optics procurement to provide value.  Explore the accelerating cloud collaboration products and tool sets available to modernize your applications and create better business efficiencies.


IT Services

Technology is changing rapidly with amazing new services that are allowing companies to increase business efficiencies, add value to clients and your workforce.


Optimize your IT budget with our extensive inventory of pre-owned and new surplus networking hardware.  Data Centers, CFO’s, IT Managers & Procurement Departments love us!


Quality, reliability and 100% satisfaction is our customers expectations with our compatible optical transceivers.  We meet those expectations every time with our compatible optics assembled, coded, tested in the USA.


Scale your digital infrastructure to securely deploy, connect and integrate applications.  Meet compliance initiatives and increase data delivery everywhere.

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Innovative Business Diagram - IT Hardware and Services

Your Technology Service Partner

Single Point Technology Partner as Your Trusted Advisor

Our goal with every client is to help them navigate the innovative IT services available in today’s market, assist with procurement of hardware & optics, and monetize network hardware equipment that is decommissioned, out of production, or no longer needed.

Strategic Relationships with Partners and Providers

We have invested time and resources over the last eight years building strong relationships IT service providers, data centers, cloud application & migration specialists, hardware and optic manufactures, VAR’s, and Brokers to bring a holistic solutions approach to IT demands we see everyday.

Technology Improves - Business Requirements Change

Shoc Networks is a nimble and very flexible company that can quickly pull together resources to tackle a wide variety of projects and service needs.  Companies like to work with us as we are accountable and responsive to project timelines, understand the importance of delivering services on time;  without difficulty and within budgets.  We work together with our partners and suppliers to keep updated on market conditions and availability of all IT and networking services so we can communicate and deliver to our clients.

Unified Communications

Move to the cloud and unify your communications with feature rich cloud based phone features.  Connect your employees to customers anywhere on any device at any time!  Modern UCaaS features deliver extensive and scalable communication solutions for your business.

Software-Defined Storage

Storage is increasing at alarming rates and IT departments are seeking integrated platforms to manage storage architectures.  A software defined storage approach offers autonomy in hardware, improved performance, reduction in downtime and costs.

Cloud Services

Global cloud platforms are reshaping the way companies approach their technology footprint.  Over the next 10 years fully managed cloud solutions will continue to integrate applications, users and efficiencies that will transform how companies any size, in any industry, operate.  Start the conversation today about your footprint!

Network Hardware

Attainment of network hardware is changing.  We are experiencing this with our clients network hardware projects.  Aggregation of services, increased data demands, mobility, security, and need for higher performance appliances are quickly becoming the norm.  Optics at increased speeds, next generation appliances, wireless access and advanced firewalls.  We can assist with all if it.

Your IoT

IoT innovation is creating new experiences, better customer engagements, new business insights and processes for companies that a few years ago wasn’t possible.  Knowing the value of your data and creating a business case to seek new revenue opportunities is a conversation every business owner should have. Let’s start the conversation!

Network Security

Companies face incredible cyber security threats to their networks daily. Securing information on premise or in the cloud with a professional managed network security partner is critical to advanced detection, managed responses and continuous monitoring.