1. Nortel 518 10BASE-T TRANSCEIVER
    Nortel 518 10BASE-T TRANSCEIVER Part Number : 518

    The Model 518 10BASE-T Transceiver for Apple Ethernet allows an Apple Ethernet station with the Apple Attachment Unit Interface (AAUI) to connect to a 10BASE-T network.

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  2. Nortel 928A 10BASE-T Transceiver
    Nortel 928A 10BASE-T Transceiver Part Number : 928A The Model 928A 10BASE-T Transceiver provides direct network connectivity for a variety of Ethernet... Learn More

  3. Nortel 504A 10BASE-FL Fiber Transceiver
    Nortel 504A 10BASE-FL Fiber Transceiver Part Number : 504A When the Model 504A 10BASE-FL Fiber Transceiver is connected to another 10BASE-FL device, the... Learn More

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